Bionic Carnal Transitions: A Look at Anna Nazo

Bionic Carnal Transitions, a look at the evoloving artwork by Anna Nazo, first appeared in Eclectic Magazine print issue SS15 Fourth Dimension written by Nadoukka Divin.


Russian born multi-disciplinary artist Anna Nazo explores reconstruction of the human body, a topic commonly aligned with improving physical abilities and less often – with a demonstration of a new transitional phase for human species into a yet to be known living form. Nazo composes these developments into an alternative vision of reality in a way that evokes associations of aesthetic poetry.

The Central Saint Martins graduate recently became a Lumen Prize Online Gallery artist, and a finalist in the Artist of the Year 3D Printshow Global Awards. She was selected for The International Biennale of Contemporary Art in Florence 2015 and is an awarded artist in the Untapped Emerging Artists Competition at The Artist Project Toronto 2015.

Focusing her devotion on futurism and outer space, biomorphic transformations and mutants, she produces digital sculptures intended for sculptural reconstruction of human body.  With a background in mathematics and physics, her habitual mediums are contemporary materials and technology, such as 3D printing. For her “Technology in itself is a beautiful and a self-sufficient medium. Aesthetical usage of progressive technologies in artistic practice is critical. And physicality, incomparable to mere 2D concepts, is essential.”    A diverse list of practical experiments in subjects and media of their deliverance led her to the latest series of sculptural garments in progress Hackle and Stalactites. Inspired by mutations and produced out of contemporary materials, these works provide an original aesthetic exquisiteness that places Anna Nazo on fashion stage.

The artistic practice of Anna Nazo originated from the process of bionic transformation of typography that delivers purpose of human body via vocal transmittance i.e. means of most outlying impact available to it. Further, each subsequent study submerged her work layer by layer, from vocalised typography to performance, to modification of human skin and eventually, to reconstruction of the core of human “self”  i.e. to other side of space coin.






Featured artwork by Anna Nazo

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