Look at Denis Roche, a day with the FNAGP at the MABA

hotel-salomon-de-rothchildOur day begins at the Hotel Salomon de Rothschild

Early November, we were invited to discover with The FNAGP (Fondation Nationale des Arts Graphiques et Plastiques) the MABA. Since 2006, the foundation opened the Maison d’Art Bernard Anthonioz (MABA) at Nogent-sur-Marne, an art center dedicated to the promotion and presentation of contemporary art.

The trip started at the Salomon de Rothschild hotel for a breakfast and a quick presentation of the head office of the FNAGP by the president of the foundation Guillaume Cerutti and the director Laurence Maynier. After their respective speech, we got the chance to visit the ‘cabinet de curiosité’ which is  generally closed for the public. We also took some time to visit the different impressives rooms of the hotel before we got asked to join the bus taking us to Nogent-sur-Marne.

But before going to the MABA, we had a stop at The Hameau.  A parc which is kinda like a huge artist’s studios. Laurence Maynier explained us that the FNAGP is aware about the place an artist has to work so they create this place with some socials organisms to help artists to develop themselves in an appropriate space.

Then direction the MABA, to visit in exclusivity the exhibition of the photographer, poet and editor Denis Roche, Aller et retour dans la chambre blanche hosted by the director  and curator Caroline Cournède. She told us that this exhibition gathers about fifty seen and unseen photographs commented by the artist from La Disparition des Lucioles, published in 1982 and reprinted this years, along with others, icons or little known, all revolving around the notion of gap.

The title of this exhibition: Aller et retour dans la chambre blanche refers to a chapter of La disparition des Lucioles and allows for multiple readings: the back and forth element prefaces the importance of the notion of gap. At the same time, it evokes the intimate dimension, and questions the photographic practice in reference to La Chambre Claire by Roland Barthes. It also embraces in a back and forth motion, the two practices dear to Denis Roche, writing and photography, in this in between, this space left blank where everything is possible, the space where creation happens. You have till January 29th to catch his work there and it’s really worth it.

The trip ended at La Maison Nationale des Artist, an impressive place which welcome retired artists like photographers, sculptors or painters. They often give ‘carte blanche’ to some resident artists ou external ones. This day, we discovered the works of Grégoire Korganow: Un temps de rêve. He wanted to create some emotions with a few contemporary dancers in the garden of La Maison Nationale des Artists.  His photography exhibition ends on November 27th., so be quick!

denis-roche-24-decembre-1984-les-sables-dolonne-atlantic-hotel-chambre-301-denis-rocheDenis Roche, 24 Decembre 1984. Les Sables-d’Olonne, Atlantic Hôtel, chambre 301 © Denis Roche

denis-roche-17-juillet-1977-f-iesole-italie-denis-rocheDenis Roche, 17 July 1977. F iesole, Italie © Denis Roche

denis-roche-27-juillet-1978-chichen-itza-mexique-temple-de-lecriture-obscure-denis-rocheDenis Roche, 27 July 1978. Chichen Itza, Mexique. Temple de l’Ecriture obscure © Denis Roche

denis-roche-27-mars-1981-denderah-egypte-denis-rocheDenis Roche, 27 March 1981. Denderah, Egypte © Denis Roche

denis-roche-27-novembre-2010-fort-de-kesroli-inde-denis-rocheDenis Roche, 27 Novembre 2010. Fort de Kesroli, Inde © Denis Roche

Many thanks to the FNAGP & the MABA for welcoming us.

By Ivica Mamedy

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