Rendez-Vous: L’Odeur du Goudron by Juliet Casella


From December 1st to 3rd 2016, Juliet Casella is presenting her very first exhibition L’Odeur du Goudron at the Bliss Gallery. You can discover in exclusivity unique collages, installations and videos will all be on display during these three days.

Graduated from the National Academy of Arts Paris-Cergy, Juliet Cassela began experimenting with a variety of artistic medias. Firstly by exploring her body through the art of performance, then touching and drawing and sculpture. Rapidly, she discovered the process of photography which really kick started her collage aseptic. She then develops a very unique language that pays attention to the ever-increasing saturation of images.

The composition is systematic, vertical and almost verging on obsessional. This systematic juxtaposition of comforting objects such as home interiors, furniture, armchairs and beds as well as innocent figures like children, toboggans, flowers and domestics animals all answer to threatening elements like screens, cameras, guns and roads. Water, plantes and minerals are equally present to represent the physical sens of belonging in this world but also to illustrate the unforeseeable forces of nature against the limitations of our power.

Curated by Isabelle Peracchi, this exhibition express movement as if each collage wasn’t one item but rather an assembly of moving fragments, a juxtaposition of elements allowing her to continuously reshape her work. Is is of course naturally that in this way her research drover her to video collage. With L’odeur du Goudron, Juliet Casella recreates a reality that reflects a disastrous aesthetic where the disappointment and violence that children face in the world today is a fundamental aspect of work. By Ivica Mamedy






Juliette Casella

L’Odeur du Goudron

December 1st to 3rd 2016

Opening Thursday, December 1st from 18h to 21h.

70 rue de Notre-Dame de Nazareth, 75003 Paris

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