Moscow: MBFWRussia Highlights Day 2


Take a look at some of the highlights on Day 2 of MBFWRussia in Moscow.



Turbo Yulia Spring Summer 2017

TURBO YULIA was presented as mini-rave featuring the headliners of Skotoboynya parties. Designer Yulia grasps inspiration from rebel spirit and mass culture. Rave style with its specific aesthetics that gains so much popularity at the moment became the theme for the new collection. Another jumping-off point was the urban phenomenon seeing the capital repair of Moscow avenues. As the metaphoric bridge between Moscow realities was the assembly uniform with fluorescent insets. You can easily see a worker or a heavy raver wearing such clothes. Glinting metal, neon orange and green, yellow bands with the brand’s name, the designer useв all these attributes to create the new trendy uniform for youngsters.




Saint Tokyo the St Petersburg brand from designer Yury Pitenin was accompanied with the live show from the avant-garde experimental band Shortparis. The music translated dramatic dynamics vested into the pieces of collection. Everything on the runway was about clashes: for instance, bold leather jackets came together with sequin dresses, top on thin straps drifted into pleated bottom of a skirt belted by slim-fit leather. The entire line – male or female – featured aggressive sexuality.



Yukia Kosyak Spring Summer 2017

YULIA KOSYAK fell into two parts: the line of beachwear and relatively casual line. Beachwear featured coloured swimming suits woven of fiber, delicately twisted, beautifully wrapping thin waists of the models. Colours – bright and garnish: dark-blue, scarlet red, canary-yellow, dramatic black. The second part was milder and featured items of natural fabrics. Thus, simple cuts of the sarafan were complimented with the bold appliqué just as the relaxed male outfit.


Aleksandra Vanushina Spring Summer 2017

ALEKSANDRA VANUSHINA demonstrated the sustainable line of wear in decent colours. Sarafans and pants, jumpsuit dress, white shirt complimented with a tie, black wrap dress, orange maxi dress with asymmetric sleeve – the designer offered the diversity of apparel for any occasion.


Aleksandra Vanushina Spring Summer 2017; Photography courtesy of MBFWRussia

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