New Music Premiere: Arab Spring Break (part I & II) by Reptile Youth



In life we come across with images, songs, people that make our hearts leap up a second or two. Reptile Youth‘s latest premiere just made mine ache a little, in a good way. It reminded me that I still have feelings hidden inside me somewhere even if humans today tend to crawl up in their little spaces and rejoice in pain their apathy. “Arab Spring Break (part I & II)” is more than a song, it’s a ballad of soul-searching.

The video is without a doubt the perfect translation of Mads Damsgaard Kristiansen endearing lyrics. The director Daniel Kragh-Jacobsen made us doubt of our own decisions in life, of our preconceived ideas of right and wrong. A moving dilemma is sophisticatedly crafted with hints and details that complement perfectly the song. An example of this, is the fortune cookie that reads “don’t do it man” or even in the very beginning where he says he’s probably not meant to get married. All of these elements and the overall technique make it more than a plain music video it’s almost as if we are watching a melancholic short film.

As for the lyrics, they represent flawlessly what so many of us have already been through. I got a feeling that is all in my head and Sometimes it feels like there’s a demon inside are thoughts that certainly all of us can relate to. “Arab Spring Break (part I & II)” is somewhat bittersweet but without a doubt the good kind of bittersweet. Check our out previous interview with Reptile Youth hereBy Carolina de Medeiros Cosme

Reptile Youth – Arab Spring Break (Part 1 & 2) from Reptile Youth on Vimeo.

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