Eclectic Magazine: Issue Five Pilgrimage – Side A


After five issues, Eclectic is revealing completely revamped layout design in collaboration with Moscow based design group The Great Fruit. For Spring Summer 2016, the Pilgrimage issue is divided into two sides of exploration. Greatly admired for their projects that touch upon the supernatural and self-exploration, Ukrainian photography duo Synchrodogs shot the Side A front cover.

With discussions around cultural appropriation and the plight of refugees as protest and social anarchy are in the air, religion is a taboo topic as the fast pace of consumerism leaves out room for social discussion, yet art is a spiritual experience. We sit there disagreeing with the preacher on the pulpit, yet listen to the sermons by editors, celebrities, critics.  Where religious doctrines once prevailed and failed, the individual is now searching for universal purity and quality.

The Pilgrimage issue rethinks the notion of “design”, and focuses on creativity coming from a loving place and the spiritual experiences that are found among the virtue that Art is Love. Art can see no religions, yet has played a role in development of all. The artists can be narcissistic yet giving. Dr Felix Heidenreich gives us a glimpse at the neo-feudal global elite hypocrisies in a world where Yoga has become main stream in the West while societies have developed a caste system that appears to be fueled by consumerism and fashion. Editorials from Akira Matsuo in Tokyo, Robbert Jacobs in Paris, and Simone Steenberg in London, explore fashion as part of the individual with an emphasis on designers who focus on garments and the way they fit into our lives from Yohji Yamamoto, Issey Miyake, Fyodor Golan, Acne, Proenza Schouler to the underground world of Andrea Crews.

Eclectic spoke to masters in their craft such as designer Kunihiko Morinage of ANREALAGE and LVMH Prize nominated Joanna Senyk of Wanda Nylon who look at the individual and take a different approach to the concept of fashion.

Rounding off this issue we visit Goa, Bali, Tokyo, Vienna and London. In addition, we are re-united with our ongoing collaboration with photography trio Gorsad who just released their first hardcover book Birds & Bees, exploring the journey from childhood to adulthood when more often or not than not, it is society who holds more discomfort in the pubescent state than the child himself.

ECLECTIC Magazine Issue 5: Pilgrimage 190 pages of original and inspiring content retails for £9.99 GBP at select stockists and newsstands worldwide.

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